Top 5 Best Naruto Shippuden Episodes as per IMDB

Best Naruto Shippuden Episodes

If You are a Naruto Fan and are looking forward for Best Naruto Shippuden Episodes which you can watch anytime then this is the right article for you. In this article we have covered Best Naruto Shippuden Episodes which are rated by IMDB as well as sorted by Top 5 Episodes as per user rating. If you are new to Naruto Universe then I recommend you to go through our list of Directory on Naruto here. Checkout the list below:

Top 5 Best Naruto Shippuden Episodes

#5 Episode 175: Hero of the Hidden Leaf (木ノ葉の英雄, Konoha no Eiyū)

Best Naruto Shippuden Episodes

If You have watched the life of Naruto’s Childhood then you will realized that he was being ignored by everyone in the hidden leaf village and everyone was scared of him because of him being a Jinchūriki. He made a promise to himself that one day he will become a Hokage and everyone will acknowledge him for the same. This episode is one of the milestone for Naruto Uzumaki as he was acknowledged by everyone when he saved the Konoha Village from “Pain” and this was the first time people recognized him as someone to look after. It’s a life turning point for Naruto and the episode went through lots of emotional ride.

#4 Episode 164: Sage Mode Limit Reached (危機! 消えた仙人モード, Pinchi! Kieta Sennin Mōdo)

Best Naruto Shippuden Episodes

This episode is one the “Best Naruto Shippuden Episodes” which I have watched as it showcased the peak of Naruto Uzumaki’s Power which includes “Summoning Jutsu” as well as “Sage Mode” with a combination of “Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu” which is Naruto Uzumaki’s Specialty. Naruto lost his Sage Mode while fighting one of the Pain’s and uses his Shadow Clone to recharge it. I will recommend everyone to watch it once again.

#3 Episode 421: The Sage of Six Paths (六道仙人, Rikudō Sennin)

Best Naruto Shippuden Episodes

This is one of my favorite Naruto Shippuden Episode where the Great War started and Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha struggled with the fight Against “Madara Uchiha”. They both were given powers of “The Sage of Six Path”, at this point of time Naruto & Sasuke’s power was at peak surpassing everyone. It is a must watch episode which I would recommend.

#2 Episode 476: The Final Battle (最後の戦い, Saigo no Tatakai)

Best Naruto Shippuden Episodes

After the big Ninja War, Naruto’s story didn’t just stop. Even though the war wrapped up lots of big storylines, this one is all about Naruto’s personal journey. Naruto used to think Sasuke was his buddy, and they were always trying to outdo each other. But Sasuke didn’t really get it until later. In this part, they finally have a face-off, not against some bad guys, but with each other. It’s the big fight fans have been waiting for, but guess what? It doesn’t even finish in this episode!

#1 Episode 133: The Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant (自来也豪傑物語, Jiraiya Gōketsu Monogatari)

This episode hits you right in the feels as one of our favorite characters in Naruto goes through a seriously sad ending. Even though Naruto isn’t the main focus, it’s hands down the best Naruto Shippuden episode. It’s called “The Tale Of Jiraiya The Gallant,” and it’s all about Jiraiya’s intense battle against Pain’s gang.

Picture this: Jiraiya starts off strong, but Pain’s crew messes it up for him, creating loads of suspense till the very end. Jiraiya, who always wished he had a more exciting life, finally feels okay because he gets to go out in a brave way. It’s super sad for fans, and it also marks a big moment for Naruto since his mentor is gone.

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