One Punch Manga Chapter 192: Fast Attacks

We are here with a Latest One Punch Manga Chapter 192 which is named as Fast Attacks. In this Chapter we have see Saitama getting a visitor at his place while he was hanging out with Genos as seen in the previous chapter. And the visitor was non other than Flashy Flash.

The we have seen Saitama going at a place with Flashy Flash where they can fight with each other and if Flashy Flash wins then Saitama is going to follow ‘Flashy Flash’ as Master or if ‘Saitama’ wins then Flashy Flash will leave him alone and stop chasing him.

It is funny that how Flashy Flash thinks of winning against Saitama even after knowing the fact that he beat Garou.

Then we saw them visiting a place like this!

Flashy Flash gave the signal to Saitama to start fighting, and within a fraction of seconds Saitama closes the gap between them like a cartoon character (actually they are anime so I can refer some funny images as cartoon :P).

He was suppose to touch Flashy Flash just to win the match but, he got scared and took a back step, a few meter away from him. He realizes that he should not suppose to judge Saitama basis on his appearance, so he will fight him seriously and at his full capacity.

He then charged an attack against Saitama with a ‘Dragon Thrust Kick’ which was defend by Saitama’s Whirling Slide.

He then charged with multiple attacks which includes ‘Meteoric Moon Palm’, ‘Mist Wrap’ and then ‘Random Falling Leaves’ and at the end with his final attack called ‘Flashy Fist’.

But You know our Hero Saitama. He defend all of his attacks with ease as if he can read all of his Flashy attacks within a fraction of a second and reacts accordingly. He can even go faster than Flashy Flash which we have seen Saitama fighting in his previous chapters.

one punch manga chapter 192

Saitama easily deflected his attack and charged with his fist just like this!

But there fight was interrupted by Genos and Flashy Flash got saved from Saitama’s un-serious punch.

In Later Chapter, we see all three of them running towards beating some aliens in the town and saw them running.

The town got attacked by Demon Level Threat called ‘The Net Surfers’ where few low ranking heroes were present along with Speed-O-Sonic who was waiting for Saitama to defeat.

But Some how it looks like ‘Sonic’ and ‘Flashy Flash’ knows each other through there appearance as they gave each other some cold eyes.

‘Sonic’ said why are you hanging around with this guy to Saitama.

Then other 2 figures joined in the scene who knows ‘Sonic’ and looks like Ninja just like him.

It looks like ‘Flashy Flash’ has already defeated these 2 people.

Then suddenly everyone started attacking each other. And in the end of the Flashy Fight which was very quick in the Manga we found our winners.

Saitama kicked ‘Sonic’.

‘Flashy Flash’ Kicked ‘those two freaks’, and

‘Genos’ kicked out those monsters with his quick attack.

The last few slides was very quick to jump into conclusions. I don’t know what the writer was thinking to jump into 3 conclusions all in 3 slides rather than doing it in 3 to 6 chapters like;

  1. Defeating everyone in first slide.
  2. Finding out the monster with the help of ‘King’. And,
  3. Meeting ‘Blast’ at the end of the chapter. Who as per ‘Flashy Flash’ was in other dimension.

And that’s how the chapter ends.

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Reference: Viz

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