One Piece Manga Chapter 1094: Five Elders

One Piece Manga Chapter 1094

In the latest One Piece Manga Chapter 1094, Pacifistas were fighting from Luffy’s side and being ordered by Atlas while Sanji was looking out for Bonney and went out to save her.

On the other hand, Kizaru and Luffy were fighting where Kizaru seems to be overpowering Luffy and Luffy seems to be at his exhaustion stage which Kizaru knows very well.

She takes out a gun and uses a tricky move that makes the Marines attacking her think they’re dead, even though they’re just knocked out. Bonney tries to run away but gets stopped by a Vice Admiral named Bluegrass, who has the ability to control the things she rides on. Right now, she’s riding a powerful machine called a Pacifista, and she’s using it against Bonney.

Kizaru left luffy and head on towards Vegapunk to eliminate him as this is his only objective. On the other hand we saw a Mandala appeared out of no where on the floor and everybody shouted ‘The Five Elders’.

Letting everyone know that Saturn has shown up on the island. They tell the lower-ranking officers not to stare at him, and for good reason. When Saturn steps out of that circle, he’s turned into a huge, terrifying spider-like creature. If someone does glance at him, their head ends up exploding.

As Sanji’s group is distracted by Saturn’s appearance, Kizaru destroys the cloud road they were traveling on, causing them to fall. Luffy manages to catch up to Kizaru and lands a powerful hit on his head with a move called Gomu Gomu no Star Gun, hurting Kizaru badly. Unfortunately, Luffy exhausts his energy and reverts to his normal state, falling to the ground. The Vegatank-08 also crashes and breaks, but thankfully, everyone inside is safe and sound.

When Luffy was fighting Kizaru at is limit, Saturn saw Luffy and said NIKA!!!

The entire crew along with Vegapunk crashed right in front of Saturn (in his Spider Form), and Vegapunk realised that this is Saturn the ‘The Five Elder’.

Sanji was able to save bonney, whereas bonney after looking at ‘Saturn’, she pulled out her sword and charged an attack right towards ‘Saturn’ and Struck him with her Sword.

one piece chapter 1094

And that is the end of One Piece Manga Chapter 1094.

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Reference: Viz

Who is Spider Like Giant Man?

Spider Like Giant man is Saturn who is also known as ‘The Five Elders’.

What is the Power of Saturn?

Saturn Power is of Zoan Type, which makes him become a Giant Spider.

Does Saturn awakened his Devil Fruit Powers?

Yes, Saturn has awakened his Devil Fruit Powers as it can be visible by the cloud shape like think which float around his shoulders similar to Luffy.

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