Two Blue Vortex Chapter 2: Rasengan Vortex

Two Blue Vortex Chapter 2

The First Chapter of Two Blue Vortex was a massive hit in Shonen Jump which brought the manga two number 3rd with just 1 single chapter, The Arrival of Boruto Uzumaki. This is a Time skip which consist a time gap of 3 years in Boruto’s Life. We can expect that, Boruto has mastered his sword technique just like his master Sasuke Uchiha and now can use his Jougan as his master can use Rinnegan.

The cover art for this second chapter has featured Sarada Uchiha‘s illustration in her post-time skip outfit.

Two Blue Vortex Chapter 2: Boruto and Code Discussion

After arrival of Boruto Uzumaki (who is known as Kawaki due to Omnipotence), he threatens Code to withdraw his monsters from Konoha Village else he will kill Code along with all those monsters.
By saying this, code reacted and said stop bluffing as he was the one who was running away two years back. (with this we can assume that Boruto is gone for 3 years and he had encountered Code along with Sasuke 2 years back and there are chances that we lost Sasuke in the battle or else he might be working undercover to identify the 10 tails location. We will know this in coming chapters!)

Two Blue Vortex Chapter 2: Zetsu Like Monsters & There Powers

While Boruto and Code was having this discussion, we saw other people fighting those white zetsu’s which were modified by code so that they can appear anywhere from the claw mark induced by Code in there body.

One more ability which we saw was the ‘Rinnegan’ which one of the white Zetsu was able to use it on Kawaki, and while fighting him Kawaki used his Karma to burst him down.

Apart from this, one of the dangerous ability which these Zetsu’s can use is the ability to consume chakra and convert anybody into a human tree just like it happened in Naruto Shippuden where Kaguya converted everybody into a cocoon which then consumed the chakra and fed it to a divine tree in order to produce divine fruit for Otsutsuki.

While everyone was struggling fighting these Zetsu’s, Boruto was easily able to slice couple of Zetsu’s with one swing of his sword which proves to Code that Boruto is not bluffing and he is really threating him to leave Konoha Village at once.

Bortuo again repeat the same thing to Code for leaving the town and giving up on divine tree, else it will be a great threat to the future, as if like Bortuo has seen ‘Ten Tails’ in action or has seen the future (which may be possible as he was once went to the past along with Sasuke and his Jougan has still some unique powers which are unknown to us and can lead to this future theory.)

Two Blue Vortex Chapter 2: Boruto Using his Rasengan Vortex

Even after getting threatened by Bortuo, Code rejected the idea on following the Boruto’s idea and insisting on killing him and continuing his pursuit of the revival of ‘Ten Tails’.

By looking at his gesture, Boruto decides that words are not going to work here and then decides to fight code. At that point of time, Boruto shows his New Skill and called it out as Rasengan Uzuhiko (Rasengan Vortex) and that is the end of this chapter.

We can expect the next chapter to be coming on 20th October, 2023 and not any sooner than this. With the second chapter we got a hint that the name of this series which is ‘The Two Blue Vortex’ is after the very skill of Bortuo Uzumaki, as he showed us using Rasengan Vortex which sounds like the name of the series, but who brings the second vortex. Is it Code or Kawaki?

Let’s wait for the series to get unfolded in the future!

Reference: Viz

Chapter 1: Boruto’s Arrival

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