Two Blue Vortex Chapter 1: Boruto’s Arrival

We finally have first chapter released on Shonen Jump and Viz on 20th August, 2023. Which gave us new time-skip version of Boruto Uzumaki, Sarada Uchicha, Kawaki Uzumaki, Mitsuki and Code. The Manga showed us Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga Uzumaki still being captive of Kawaki under some Genjutsu and Konoha village getting its 8th Hokage after loosing Naruto Uzumaki.

It is cleared that Eida used her power to Swap Boruto and Kawaki in everyone’s memories with her Senrigan. We haven’t yet scene Sasuke Uchiha in first episode of manga but we can expect him to appear in future chapter’s as he might be undercover identifying Code’s hideout and plan.

We have seen everyone in the first chapter, let’s take a look on everyone.

Two Blue Vortex Chapter 1: 8th Hokage of Konoha Village

We have seen Shikamaru to be working as the 8th Hokage in Konoha Village with him Konohamaru Sarutobi was seen as his advisor. We saw Sarada Uchiha arguing with Shikamaru for reversing the order to kill Boruto Uzumaki, whereas Shikamaru was seen rejecting the idea and considering Baruto Uzumaki still to be a threat to Konoha Village. At the end of there argument, we have seen Sarada declaring his role model to only be Naruto Uzumaki and not Shikamaru.

two blue vortex chapter 1

Two Blue Vortex Chapter 1: Eida’s Power of Sinregan

We have Seen Eida having word with Sarada Uchiha and Sumire about Omnipotence which changed Boruto’s and Kawaki’s identity by mistake. Eida is still not able to get a hold on this power which Eida has and were seeing saying that the impact was only possible at a universal scale due to Kawaki’s Desire.

We have get to know that this power of Omnipotence is only available to high level Otsutsuki’s which is a type of Shinjutsu. And only those who are the family of the caster or the Otsutshuki’s are saved from this and rest will be trapped in this Jutsu. But yet somehow Sarada and Sumire’s memories are left unchanged which make’s Eida questioned a little that how this is possible.

We believe that this Omnipotence Shinjutsu cannot work on those people who have the same level of desire which the contradicts the desire of the caster, just like the case of Kawaki desire to wipeout Boruto whereas Sarada’s and Sumire’s feelings towards Boruto.

Two Blue Vortex Chapter 1: Eida's Power of Sinregan

Two Blue Vortex Chapter 1: Kawaki’s Argument with Mitsuki

We have Seen Post Time-Skip Kawaki and Mitsuki in this Chapter where Kawaki is telling it to Mitsuki to stop bothering him and leave him alone. Whereas Mitsuki is still insisting to hangout with him and kept on telling him that he will kill Boruto because he killed Kawaki’s family. The change of personality was the result of Eida’s power using Senrigan where Mitsuki thinks Kawaki as Baruto and vice-versa.

We have also seen Mitsuki to be truly considering Kawaki as Sun who shining bright on Mitsuki’s Moon. Kawaki has seen using Jigen’s Power to fly and left the scene.

two blue vortex chapter 1 : mitsuki and kawaki

Two Blue Vortex Chapter 1: Himawari’s Feelings Towards Baruto

We have seen Himawari to be grown older and practicing with Boruto’s friends. She said, she doesn’t believe that the Boruto has killed his parents as he was the one who saved them while risking his own life.

It’s hard for her to accept that Boruto can kill her Parents and also having this feeling that they are alive somewhere.

Two Blue Vortex Chapter 1: Himawari's Feelings Towards Baruto

Two Blue Vortex Chapter 1: Boruto’s Arrival in Konoha Village

We saw Kawaki Patrolling with Konoha Police and removing Code’s Claw Mark, they figure out that code can also implant his claw mark on human beings. While patrolling in other areas of Konoha Village, Kawaki saw some creatures coming out from one of code’s claw mark.

The Creature is something similar to Zetsu which we saw in Naruto series but the design is different this time and they are equipped with code’s claw mark.

It is funny to tell this, but they look a lot like Freeza from Dragon ball zee. Judge it yourself!

Two Blue Vortex Chapter 1: Boruto's Arrival in Konoha Village

Suddenly Code appears out from one of the claw mark’s which was embeded in one of the Freeza like Zetsu and tried to attack Sarada expecting that after doing so he can push Boruto Uzumaki.

Then, suddenly Boruto appears from nowhere hitting Code on his face, everyone was shocked and Konoha Sensory Unit confirmed that the Chakra matches to Boruto. Sarada, seeing Baruto for the first time after 3 years got mesmerized and we can see that look in her eyes.

Two Blue Vortex Chapter 1: Boruto's Arrival in Konoha Village

The Chapter ended with Kawaki, Bortuo Uzumaki and Code facing each other.

Reference: Viz

Chapter 2: Rasengan Vortex

Just a Young Guy who has been watching Anime/Manga from his Childhood and like to read and watch them on daily basis. I keep a track on each characters lifestyle and journey in there respective Manga and thus I thought of sharing the same with those who are Anime/Manga lover just like me!

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