Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 3 : Uzuhiko

Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 3

Here we are with Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 3, in previous chapters which was a massive hit in Shonen Jump brought us with Boruto’s Arrival in Konoha Village with Chapter 1 after 3 years of timeskip and in Chapter 2 we saw the trio of Boruto, Kawaki and Code with Boruto and Kawaki missing one eye.

The Second Chapter ending gave us the hint of Boruto Uzumaki’s new power which was called Rasengan Uzuhiko which is later in Chapter 3 got explained to us via fight between Code and Bortuo. So, let’s deep dive into Two Blue Vortex Chapter 3 Review.

In the beginning of the Chapter 3, we see Boruto surrounded with a wind style spin which revolves around his body and as he step forward towards Code, Code tries to analyze his move as vanishing rasengan and he directly attacks towards Boruto from his claw marks which is behind Boruto and it looks like Boruto doesn’t know about his claw marks.

As Code attacks Boruto, Boruto doge’s the attack and counter-attack with a palm which was then grabbed by Code.

Code then used his left hand to attack Boruto and then his attack was blocked by Boruto’s sword.

At this moment, Code said to Boruto that;

Code: You Seem Confident about This Jutsu!

It’s a Shame, You Can’t Hit Me!

Boruto Responded;

Boruto: I Told You, Killing You is Easy!

I’m already half way done!

Code got shocked and suddenly he saw his right hand which was surrounded by spiral wind revolving around his hand and say’s;

Code: So What’s the Bid Deal?

Boruto Responded;

Boruto: I’ll say one more time, this is your last warning Code.

Boruto then continued with his statement and asked Code to share the location of the ten tails and he will not kill him. With this response, Code laughed and charged at Boruto with his claw which was dodged by Boruto easily.

With frustration, Code shouted at Boruto and said ‘Quit Moving Around’ and then again his attacked was dodged. Code then tries to analyze what is happening with him, while doing so; Boruto suddenly appears behind Code and attack Code with his new attack called Rasengan Uzuhiko. And then the entire spiral like wind which was revolving around Boruto struck Code.

And then we saw Eida and Daemon who are watching this fight. Eida responded, ‘What a Basic Jutsu’ as she doesn’t understand or know about this new attacked used by Boruto, but on contrary Daemon said;

Daemon: This Attack makes use of Planetary Spin.

I See. Nifty!

On the other hand, Boruto said to Code,;

I’m Surprised, I didn’t expect you to be standing!

And suddenly Code falls on the ground. He tried to stand up and then he falls once again, it looks like he was hallucinating and everything is spinning around him.

Boruto then tells it to Code that only he can reverse this Jutsu if he tells him about the location of ten tails. But suddenly he was attacked by Kawaki.

Along with Kawaki, others also joined in which includes Himawari as well. Boruto responded to not interfere with his affairs. At this moment, Code utilizes this opportunity and call White Zetsu which then attacks Kawaki and with his Claw mark he escapes to the place where Ten Tails is situated.

Kawaki killed the White Zetsu and then tells others to go and let him settle his score with Boruto.

Boruto and Kawaki then have small conversation with each other, at that moment Boruto said that he is happy to saw her Sister Himawari Doing well.

Then we found Boruto talking to one of the toad hiding inside his jacket which tells him that ‘Infiltration is Accomplished’ and another toad hiding inside Code’s jacket confirms the Ten Tails and that’s the end of Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 3 here.

We have our own theory in this, that in the last 3 years Boruto was not only been trained by Sasuke but he was also been trained by Kashin Koji which is still alive as he escape after fighting with Ishiki. The reason is that Sasuke can only summon Snake’s and Toad’s are only been summoned by either Jiraya, Naruto or his father Minato. As we know that Kashin Koji is non other than Jiraya and he is alive, it is a major possibility that he remember his past life and came back to Sasuke and Boruto to teach him how he can fight and win this war.

What do you think about our theory?

Do Share it in comments!

Reference: Viz

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