My Hero Academia Chapter 402: End of an Era

My Hero Academia Chapter 402

The Latest My Hero Academia Chapter 402 shows an end of era, meaning it might be the End of All Mighty as he is fighting with All For One without having any powers.

We saw in My Hero Academia Previous Chapters, All Mighty got an Iron Man suit which helped gave him immense power using science tools and was fighting All For One. But in the Latest my hero academia chapter 402 we have seen All Mighty using his final shot against All For One.

In Chapter 402, we have seen multiple slides with multiple points where we have seen Shoto completed his mission along with Uraka, whereas we have seen Izuku Midoriya fighting with Shigaraki.

Now coming back to All for One and All Mighty Fight, All for one was explaining to that how he gave Shigaraki the Duplicate Power of All for One himself which became of version of himself who is more powerful. All Mighty said;

That All You Got, All For One!!

We saw All for One tried to consume and merge with Shigaraki but it seems like Shigaraki rejected with his sheer will and All for One responded;

ALAS, My Other Consciousness Must’ve Been Swallowed Up.

Then we saw, All for One carrying All Mighty by holding his lag and said to All Mighty;

Yes, Keep That Pathetic Look on Your Face!

On the other hand, Shigaraki tells Izuku Midoriya to go and save All Mighty and said;

Better Go Save All Might, Izuku Midoriya!
Meanwhile, i’ll head back to those jerks who hurt me over and over and break every last one of them!

While the fight goes on between Shigaraki and Midoriya; Midoriya realised that the one for all vestige inside Izuku Midoriya has signaled its departure slightly in advance.

On the other hand, All Mighty smiled like a crazy guy and stuck All for One from his neck while smiling and calling;

To Be the Symbol of Peace!

And suddenly, All for one got a flash back of Nana Shimura’s Final Moments!
and then we saw All Might living his final moments and a great burst of light appears as there was a bomb explosion occurred. And that’s the end of My Hero Academia Chapter 402.

With this Chapter we believed that it is the end of All Mighty and he will take full form inside Izuku Midoriya where the other One For All Vestige’s are present and there might be a strong possibility that because of this explosion either All for One will also die along with All Mighty or looses his body abd will take time to recover once again.

Why I am saying this will also be the end for All for One is because he saw the flashback if Nana Shimura which generally happens when someone is about to die or loose one’s self.

Do let me know in the comments, what do you think about my theory?

Reference: Vix

What is One for All?

One for All is the power granted to Izuku Midoriya by his master All Mighty, which can help him to beat All for One.

Who created the One for All Power?

One for All Power was created by non other than All for one himself as he gave this power to his brother in order to make him join his side.

Is All Mighty Alive or Dead?

After the My Hero Academia Chapter 402, we got a clarity that All Mighty is dead as he doesn’t have any powers and he is also vanished inside from Izuku Midoriya.

What happened to All for One in Chapter 402?

All for One probably died with the explosion happened between him nd All Mighty, or there is a strong possibility that he might loose his host body and will take time to recover once again.

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