Kagurabachi Manga Chapter 9: Enten Vs Cloud Gouger

kagurabachi manga chapter 9

Here we got the Latest Kagurabachi Manga Chapter 9 where we will see the so much awaited fight between two enchanted swords ‘Enten’ and ‘Cloud Gouger’.

In the previous episode of Kagurabachi Manga Chapter 8 we saw how ‘Sojo’ started collecting information about ‘Chihiro’ and ‘Char’ and reaches to the places where he found about those two and directly attacked him and that’s the end of previous chapter.

And in today’s chapter we will get to see the powers of ‘Cloud Gouger’ as we know about ‘Enten’ that it can use water as it’s core powers. ‘Cloud Gouger’ on the other hand can use three powers, out of which we get to see only two of it’s powers; Thunder(Mei) and Ice(Yui).

Sojo charged with lightning bolt on Chihiro and Chihiro come unscathed which made him wonder how come he still be alive. Here is the slide between Sojo & Chihiro’s first encounter.

They both started off fighting with there simple attacks where every attack of ‘Sojo’ was defended by ‘Chihiro’s’ forward slashes.

While fighting Chihiro created some distance between the location where ‘Char’ was situated and took the fight at the rooftop so that ‘Char’ can leave the situation.

While the fight continues, ‘Sojo’ started analyzing the moves which was made by ‘Chihiro’ and coming to a conclusion that he might not last longer and hence ‘Sojo’ jumped from the rooftop and launched a Thunder bolt attack which can wipe out the entire area along with the people in it.

‘Sojo’ got shocked to see that nobody got injured with his attack and everyone seems fine. Then he saw ‘Chihiro’ Standing in front of him using his sword to work as a lightning rod which consumes all the electricity and took a toll on ‘Chihiro’s’ body.

‘Sojo’ tried to use another charge bolt towards ‘Chihiro’ in order to silence him but he was unable to do so as if ‘The Power was taken away by Chihiro’s Sword’. But actually what happened was that after each Thunder attack, the sword takes of pause of 20 seconds to recharge before making a second attempt which ‘Sojo’ was not aware off.

And ‘Chihiro’ made sure that before he made his second attempt he will attack him with ‘Nishiki’ and there is where the Kagurabachi Manga Chapter 9 ended.

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