Kagurabachi Manga Chapter 7: Smoke Signal

The Latest Kagurabachi Manga Chapter 7 is named as ‘Smoke Signal’ and we believed that it is due to the arrival of new characters in the Manga who saved ‘Chihiro’ and ‘Char’ from the villains which we saw in Kagurabachi Manga Chapter 6.

Chihiro and Char was followed by the some villains who was trying to capture Char and the Seventh Sword from Chihiro. In a tight space, they attacked Chihiro with full force, and when Chihiro was about to draw his sword, a strange guy came in and stopped Chihiro in drawing his sword.

Here is the First Appearance of the New Character:

kagurabachi manga chapter 7

This New Character is said to be known as ‘Azami’ who came and saved both ‘Chihiro’ and ‘Char’, we saw that he can use sorcery and with that help he was able to kill both the attackers easily. We came to know that Azami and Chihiro both knows each other from a very long time and ‘Azami’ was a member of the Kamunabi, a group that worked for the government.

Then we saw in Azami following Chihiro and Char to the place at Hinao where Shiba was also present.

Azami and Shiba knows each other very well, we came to this conclusion as they had a lot of ‘past’ conversations when ‘Chihiro’ was still a young guy who was getting trained for Sword fighting.

Azami and Shiba talks about the enchanted blades and Azami said that anything which is a threat to the nation should be destroyed by Azami’s hand but since know body knows about the Seventh Enchanted blade, so he is sliding it at the moment and he is not going to cease it.

But if Chihiro will keep on using it in front of the public then he will have to cease it or else the government will do that.

Azami then told that, ‘In a Month’ there is going to be an Underworld Black Market Auction, where ‘Shinuchi’ the Sixth Enchanted Blade will be Auctioned.

We came to know that Sojo is behind all this and he has big ties in the underworld and he is so powerful that ‘Chihiro’ should not suppose to get involved in this. And he told that the Bounty which ‘Sojo’ put on ‘Chihiro’ has been removed.

And after saying this Azami left with his last statement that Underworld is planning to do something big with the Enchanted Blades and it can be troublesome for the nation.

That’s the end of the Kagurabachi Manga Chapter 7 Review. Let’s see what will happen next in the upcoming chapters. But you have to appreciate the writer as the Manga is getting more and more interesting with every chapter and once we will have the Anime in the future it will gonna be big.

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