Kagurabachi Manga Chapter 6: Peace

kagurabachi manga chapter 6

The Latest Kagurabachi Manga Chapter 6 is named as ‘Peace’ and we believed that it is due to the ending which is going to happen with the villain which attacked ‘Chihiro’ and ‘Char’ in Kagurabachi Manga Chapter 5.

The villain started attacking Chihiro and Char in the first slide of the chapter.

If you have noticed then you may realized that people in the cars around Chihiro turned into that villain and started attacking ‘Chihiro’ and ‘Char’ from all the angles.

But our hero ‘Chihiro’ picked Char and slashed the car with his Katana and jumped higher off the ground and landed to a pole which was not higher from the ground.

Why ‘Chihiro’ jumped higher could be due to the villain’s power as in the beginning of the chapter a giant spiral appeared in the center of the road.

Meanwhile ‘Hinao’ check in her system and got to know that there is a Price on Capturing ‘Chihiro’ and ‘Char’ in the underworld by some guy called ‘Sojo’ and currently ‘Chihiro & Char’ is been pursued by the underworld.

Then we see ‘Chihiro’ running away holding ‘Char’ and launched an attacked towards the enemy called Black.

But the villain numbers were too much and within those look-a-like villains there was a sorcerer who casted a spell on ‘Chihiro’ which brought back the old memories.

And when ‘Chihiro’ got back his consciousness he found out that he was captured by the villains. Who used a Psychological Induction on him due to which he went back in his past memories for just ‘4-seconds’ and it felt like he was there for ‘hours’.

Then we found out the entire story related to ‘Char’, why she was being followed by the sorcerers. ‘Char’ belong to the Kyonagi Clan who possess some special powers. It is to be said that eating a Kyonagi Clan will make a person immortal.

Then the sorcerer demonstrated why the Kyonagi Clan is special by breaking the leg of ‘Char’ and suddenly her leg got healed itself. Then the sorcerer told that this is the power for which ‘Sojo’ is after her. And that is the only information which ‘Chihiro’ wanted to know and then after hearing everything he launched his attack.

‘Chihiro’ used his small sword to attack the sorcerer and got back his ‘Katana’ and launched an attack called ‘Nishiki’. And within fraction of seconds the sorcerer lost his head and the other villains also got slashed by his seventh enchanted blade. Then he saved Char!

And that’s the end of the Kagurabachi Manga Chapter 6!

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