Kagurabachi Manga Chapter 5: A Good Meal

Kagurabachi Manga Chapter 5

So we have finally read the Kagurabachi Manga Chapter 5 which is named as A Good Meal. We have found lots of insights about the new enemy and more information regarding the sorcerers and the enchanted blade in this chapter. This Chapter also insist on the Little Girl ‘Char’ and the name of the enchanted blade which we are calling ‘Cloud Gouger’. If You have missed the previous chapter which was known as Sorcery and the Enchanted Blade then you can read that here.

So the Chapter 5 starts with Char getting her new dress from Hinao and Chihiro getting some information from Hinao.

Char started acting weird and started showing that she was hungry and Chihiro went out to buy her something to eat, but she sneaks into his car along with him which Chihiro was not aware off.

kagurabachi chapter 4

While Chihiro was going along with Char, he started going through his memories where we saw Shiba picking up that Sorcerer for investigation which we saw fighting Chihiro in Kagurabachi Chapter 4 and Chihiro taking Char out for some fresh air for a while.

Chihiro asked to Char, why were you Captured?

Which she didn’t responded, so Chihiro asked her what she would like to eat!

Then we saw a next slide where Shiba is doing his interrogation with that sorcerer about the whereabouts of all those enchanted blades. Which the unknown sorcerer responded if he spell any word regarding this matter then both Shiba and him will be dead within that moment as if we someone has enchanted the information. (we have talked about this in our kagurabachi chapter 5 spoilers here in detail.)

Coming back to Chihiro and Char’s situation:

We saw Char eating yummy sandwich, since she like it so much ‘Chihiro’ took her back and bought ‘Ice Cream’ which she again liked a lot. Then he brought her back for a drink which end’s the slide with Chihiro and Char and then next slide showed us the villian who might be the boss of the captured sorcerer.

We discovered that another sorcerer learned the previous person sent to capture ‘Char’ was defeated by a skilled swordsmith and his team, who were using a different magical sword. Realizing this, the sorcerer understood there’s a seventh enchanted blade he didn’t know about.

In response, he took a brave step by directly attacking them and instructed his henchmen to build a sturdy cage to hold ‘Char,’ the little girl.

Meanwhile, Shiba contacted Chihiro and shared the name of the sorcerer boss who had attacked them in Kagurabachi Manga Chapter 4, Soujou Gennichi.

Shiba told Chihiro that he was a weapon dealer who also possessed a katana called ‘Cloud Gouger’ which is the 6th enchanted blade which Chihiro is looking for.

While Shiba and Chihiro was having there conversation regarding the boss, a giant spiral like thing formed on the road on the red light area where Chihiro’s car was stopped. We saw a sorcerer coming out in multiple human formed attached to each other.

He looks like the exact same guy who we saw in the previous screen known as ‘Soujou Gennichi’. And we believed that the Kagurabachi Chapter 6 will gonna show us the fight between Chihiro and Soujou and we most likely to see Two Enchanted Swords gonna struck and one gonna be the winner.

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