Kagurabachi Manga Chapter 4: Sorcery and the Enchanted Blade

Kagurabachi Manga Chapter 4

The Lastest Kagurabachi Manga Chapter 4 has showed us the name of its 4th chapter to be Sorcery and the Enchanted Blade, which means that we are going to be introduced with the First Enchanted Blade of the Manga and the name in this chapter.

Those who don’t know why we are focusing on the Enchanted Blade is because the entire series is revolved around the enchanted blades and there are total of 6 Enchanted Blades which was forged by non other than our Chihiro Rokuhira’s father Kunishige Rokuhira.

Currently Chihiro is holding the 7th Enchanted Blade which is far more superior than the other 6 Enchanted Blades forged by his father, it enhances one’s sorcery ability by using these enchanted blades.

In Kagurabachi Manga Chapter 4, we see ‘Char’ captured by the sorcerer and Chihiro asking him to leave her but it seems like he is not even interested in Chihiro.

Chihiro: First thing is to save Char, than I can find if this guy has a connection with the Enchanted Blade.

Sorcerer: All I want is the Kid, I am Done with You!

Chihiro uses his Enten Power Black and slashes the rope and shouted Mr. Shiba!

And Mr. Shiba comes to the rescue of Char! And took her inside his car.

By looking at this Char got excited and asked Mr. Shiba about learning the Sorcery and Mr. Shiba said.

You Can Learn!

The Spirit Energy that Powers the Sorcery is Basically Life Force!

It Slumbers within every human.

On the other hand, the sorcerer demanded for the girl and he got attacked by Chihiro with his Black. By looking at his Technique, Char Said;

Char: Golden Fish!

Shiba Responded: This is the Most Strongest Sword which amplifies the Spirit Energy inside a Person.

And whips it up into hype concentrated form that the human body can no longer contain!

It takes shape when exposed!

Sorcerer Dodged the attack from Shiba’s sword and say’s. An Enchanted Blade! So, another there’s another one out there. By hearing this Chihiro responded, another one that means it’s True.

Chihiro then got attacked by the Sorcerer with his time bomb dolls, and one by one each doll started to go burst which then got dodged by Chihiro by jumping into the mid air.

But before he could do anything the sorcerer appears just right before him and captured him with his sorcery and everyone got shocked by looking at this except Mr. Shiba as he knows how powerful Chihiro is and said to Char, don’t worry Chihiro is powerful, just sit tight.

Then suddenly in mid air, Chihiro turned his sword towards the sorcerer and Enchant ‘RED’ and suddenly a big blast happened on the sorcerer and we see Chihiro to be the winner!

Mr. Shiba explained to the little girl ‘Char’ that the power of Red is not just for the defense but it also absorbs and seizes ownership!

And at the end of the Kagurabachi Manga Chapter 4, we see Chihiro asking the Sorcerer about the name of his Boss as well as the location of one of the six enchanted blade called ‘Cloud Gouger’.

And that is the end of Chapter 4, do let us know in comments about your review on this latest chapter also share it with your friends who likes Manga like you and me!

If you haven’t saw the Chapter 2, then here is the link for Kagurabachi Chapter 3!

Reference: Vix

What is the Name of the Little Girl?

In Chapter 3, The little girl tells her name to be ‘Char’ and we believe it is a partial name and is not the full name of that girl. We will wait for the full name to be disclosed.

What is the Name of the 6th Enchanted Blade that uses Cloud?

The name of the 6th Enchanted Blade is known as Cloud Gouger!

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