Kagurabachi Manga Chapter 3: Eyewitness

Kagurabachi Manga Chapter 3

In Kagurabachi Manga Chapter 3, Chihiro and Shiba is going to meet the person who is going to give them the intel about one of the Six Stolen Katana which is there in Tokyo. In the latest spoilers, we came to know that both Chihiro and Shiba went to Tokyo to meet this person named ‘Hinao‘, and she is a girl.

We came to know that the highest numbers of sorcerers lives there in Tokyo which more than in any other city of Japan.

While Shiba and Hinao having discussion, it appears that Hinao knows alot about the enchanted blades and Kunishige Rokuhira and how he was killed by Hisaku Group.

While having this discussion, Hinao responded;

This is the First Time I Learned That Mr. Shiba was connected to Kunishige Rokuhira.

Then the explanation part where Shiba explained how he is linked with Kunishige was skipped and we saw Hinao getting agreed to help them with the information.

Kagurabachi Manga Chapter 3 is named as Eyewitness and as per the name suggests Hinao found one Eyewitness who saw one of the enchanted blades and she was non other than a small girl who came out looking for a body guard and that’s when Hinao contacted Chihiro and Shiba.

We saw Chihiro and Shiba having discussion with that little girl and came to know that she is an Orphanage and most probably bluffing to have someone to accompany her as she feels lonely. Chihiro responded to here and said;

Have You Eaten Lately?

By looking at her, Chihiro decided to get her some food and discuss over it. While having her meal, Chihiro asked her;

Why are the Bad Guy’s After You?

Which she failed to respond and than he said that they will drop her to an Orphanage as she is just bluffing. When they were chatting suddenly a person came inside the restaurant, but nobody responded as it was a normal crowd inside the restaurant. And sat behind there table, then Chihiro asked from the kid regarding the sword which she responded;

Cloud came out of those swords!

While there conversation was continuing, we saw background activities going on with that suspicious guy who entered inside the restaurant and the conversation goes on like this;

Waiter: You Don’t Want to Order?

Strange Guy: Just Get Lost!!

Waiter: This is a Restaurant, Order something or Get Out!!

In anger, the Strange Guy attacked the waiter with chopsticks and through a bomb towards Chihiro and flee behind capturing the small girl.

But Chihiro analyzing the scenario, pushed the bomb outside and saved himself. Then we saw Chihiro responding to Char(the small girl):

Char, I’m sorry, I doubted You!

Char responded, I forgive you just, Please Save Me!

And that is the end of Chapter 3!

If you haven’t saw the Chapter 2, then here is the link for Kagurabachi Chapter 2!

Reference: Vix

Who is the Guy who attacked Chihiro in Manga Chapter 3?

The Guy is a sorcerer who possesses the 6th Enchanted Blade called Cloud Gouger!

What is the Full Name of Chihiro?

The Full name is Chihiro Rokuhira.

What is the sword which Chihiro’s carrying?

Chihiro’s carrying the seventh sword which was forged by his dad and possesses special powers which is far superior than the previous 6 swords!

Who is Chihiro Rokuhira’s Father?

Chihiro’s father name was Kunishige Rokuhira.

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