Kagurabachi Chapter 2: Heaps

If you guys have watched the Chapter 1 of Kagurabachi or read our previous blog on Kagurabachi Manga then your wait is over is the Kagurabachi Chapter 2 called Heaps has been released by Takeru Hokazono.

We got to know that this Manga is revolved around the Protagonist known as Chihiro Rokuhira who is a swordsmen carrying two swords, on addition to it, he can also use sorcery which can be combined with his sword technique.

In the Last Chapter, we saw Chihiro hunting for the Sorcerer along with Shiba and in order to achieve that they fought all the members of Yakuza clan.

In the Latest Chapter, we got to know that the name of the sorcerer who are being chased by Chihiro and Shiba is known as Hishaku who got emerged 4 years ago.

kagurabachi chapter 2

They started asking questions regarding the whereabout of Hishaku and the elite sorcerer group who emerged back 4 years ago from Yakuza leader then suddenly, the leader starting acting weird and we saw Chihiro shouting;


Suddenly his body started converting into tree branches and attacking Chihiro, whereas Shiba and the other kid jumped out of the building and got saved. After sometime, Shiba went inside in search or Chihiro and saw Chihiro standing tall and then Chihiro explained to Shiba;

They must’ve put a spell in his body.

The Sorcerer was definitely High-Level!

After this we saw Shiba going into his old memories where he met Chihiro for the first time when he was a kid.

Chihiro was learning on how to make enchanted blades as his father thought that it is cool to teach him that skill. We got to know that Chihiro father forged six enchanted blades which possess strong powers which got sent in the war and later got collected back by his father.

When Shiba found the village where he found Chihiro, he saw Chihiro seated besides his father’s dead body and the six forged enchanted blades got stolen by these Sorcerer’s.

The Seventh Sword which Chihiro currently possesses was also forged by his father Rokuhira, after the war and gave his life protecting the seventh one!

At the end of the Chapter 2, we found Chihiro and Shiba in Tokyo city where these guys got the lead for one of the Enchanted Blades which was stolen by the Sorcerer’s from his dad.

And that is the end of chapter 2.

Do share your feedback on comments if you like this chapter and your expectations with this series.

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Who is Chihiro Rokuhira’s Father?

Chihiro’s father name was Kunishige Rokuhira.

Why was Chihiro’s father got killed?

Chihiro’s father was a blacksmith who forged 6 enchanted blades which got special powers, he got killed by the sorcerer’s while saving these 6 swords.

What is the sword which Chihiro’s carrying?

Chihiro’s carrying the seventh sword which was forged by his dad and possesses special powers which is far superior than the previous 6 swords!

Is Kagurabachi available in Anime as well?

No, Kagurabachi is not yet available on Anime as this is the new series and is yet to be made on Anime. It is only Available in Manga as of now with 4 Chapters available in total so far!

Just a Young Guy who has been watching Anime/Manga from his Childhood and like to read and watch them on daily basis. I keep a track on each characters lifestyle and journey in there respective Manga and thus I thought of sharing the same with those who are Anime/Manga lover just like me!

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