Kagurabachi: The Tale of Chihiro Rokuhira


Shonen Jump has published a new Series called Kagurabachi (カグラバチ Kagura Bachi) on 18th September, 2023 which is written and illustrated by Takeru Hokazono. With only 1 Chapter it has already beaten ‘Black Clover’ and ‘Spy X Family’ and getting popular among people throughout country in Japan.

The Lead Character of this Series is a young boy known as ‘Chihiro Rokuhira’ who got trained by his dad and became katana swordsmith. In the first chapter of the series we have seen him lookout for Yakuza to seek revenge. It is been revealed that Yakuza members are not allowed to wield the blacksmith swords.

We have seen Yakuza members using the Katana in a timeskip of 36 months where these guys are killing people and we have seen them saying that they are backed by some sorcerer. A moment later we have the sorcerer and the Yakuza head talking each other about the payments and the sorcerer used the wood magic (we believe this is going to similar to Naruto & Jijutsu Kaisen) and then vanished.

We have then saw Chihiro taking a train and talking with some guy named Shiba inside the train talking about the Korogumi Yakuza group who rules there city. Chihiro has seen carrying two swords and I believe he can fight like Zoro from ‘One Piece‘.

Chihiro then seen fighting with the Yakuza members and slashing them easily with his sword techniques. The way he kills reminds me of Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto. You are free to judge for yourself!

Then further in the chapter we have seen that Chihiro has a special technique where he can infused his katana with sorcery and then he used words called ‘ENTEN’ which looks like a water technique where he call forth 2 jelly fish like beings which were flying in the air (one in white color and the other one in black color; looks like Ying and Yang to me) and calls forth ‘Black’ which kills everyone with a single blow.

With the ending slide we have seen Chihiro talking with Yakuza Head about the Sorcerers who are backing his group and that’s the end of the first chapter.

I like the first chapter a lot and I believe it can be the next series which can compete tow to tow with other popular Manga’s like Black Clover, My Hero Academia, Boruto Two Blue Vortex, and One Piece.

What do you think? Tell us in the comment section.

The Next Chapter is coming on 24th of September, 2023.

Reference: Vix

Why is Kagura Bachi Everywhere?

Kagura Bachi is a New Manga which is a mix of ‘Black Clover’, ‘Spy X Family’ and ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ and people are loving its first chapter very much.

Who is Chihiro Rokuhira?

Chihiro Rokuhira is the main lead of the new manga called Kagurabachi.

Who is the White Shirt Guy along with Chihiro Rokuhira?

The Guy in the first chapter who was fighting along with Chihiro was Shiba.

Who all are the lead role in Kagurabachi?

Chihiro Rokuhira (六平チヒロ, Rokuhira Chihiro) is the main protagonist in Kagurabachi. He is the Son of Kunishige Rokuhira.

Just a Young Guy who has been watching Anime/Manga from his Childhood and like to read and watch them on daily basis. I keep a track on each characters lifestyle and journey in there respective Manga and thus I thought of sharing the same with those who are Anime/Manga lover just like me!

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