Kagurabachi Manga Chapter 10: Swift

Kagurabachi Manga Chapter 10

Today we have got the make of break Kagurabachi Manga Chapter 10 which is named as Swift. And why the name is called to be swift is either they way ‘Chihiro’ is going to fight his ending battle with ‘Sojo’ will be swift, or;

How ‘Sojo’ will snatch away ‘Char’ from ‘Chihiro’ after beating him and most likely take away his enchanted blade. But before reading and sharing the review, it won’t give any justice to the released manga chapter 10. So, let’s get started with Kagurabachi Manga Chapter 10 breakdown analysis.

In the last battle which is still continuing, ‘Chihiro’ got severely damaged due to attack being made on him by ‘Sojo’ using ‘Cloud Gouger’s’ thunder attack. Chihiro in response used Nishiki which boost the speed/powers of the slashing technique while taking a huge toll on the caster’s body. Which we can see with the manga image shared above.

We see both ‘Chihiro’ and ‘Sojo’ fighting on there Top Speed, but somehow ‘Sojo’ realizes that ‘Chihiro’ is on his limit and can only make one more attack.

They both dodged each others attack swiftly but somehow it looks like that ‘Sojo’ is having a upper hand as he is attacking while dodging Chihiro’s attack on full speed.

‘Chihiro’ then sees a car with two people kidnapping ‘Char’ and getting away. So, rather than wasting his last attack on ‘Sojo’, ‘Chihiro’ moved towards the moving car and killed the driver while grabbing the other kidnapper and ‘Char’.

But when they came out of the car, ‘Chihiro’ realized that it’s not ‘Char’ but it’s her leg which was cut down by the enemy while using it as a bait to kidnap her and free ‘Sojo’ from the fight.

Meanwhile, ‘Sojo’ was attacked by ‘Five Elite Force’ along with ‘Shiba’ which can be a huge burden for ‘Sojo’ to fight. This realization made him to leave the fight and he uses ‘Smoke Screen’ called ‘Kou’ to escape the place. And we see ‘Sojo’ capturing and taking ‘Char’ away from ‘Chihiro.

‘Shiba’ went towards ‘Chihiro’ with the fact that the villian is left and he also took ‘Char’ away from them.

At the final slide, we see ‘Chihiro’ got exhausted with his fight and fall down and on the other hand ‘Sojo’ realizing the fact that ‘Chihiro’ is Kunishige Rokuhira’s only son who is left alive.

That’s all in the Kagurabachi Manga Chapter 10.

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