Kagurabachi Chapter 5 Spoilers: A New Enemy

Kagurabachi Chapter 5 Spoilers
(Image via Takeru Hokazono/Shueisha)

We have got Kagurabachi Chapter 5 Spoilers, and those who are following the Manga from the beginning will surely gets benefit out from this info which is brought down by PixelAnime.

Kagurabachi Chapter 5 is set to be released on 16th Oct, 2023, but the spoilers and screen of the Manga has already been leaked.

In the Latest chapter, we will gonna see the mystery behind the unknown sorcerer and its links and also his connection with the stolen enchanted blades including the one known as ‘Cloud Gouger’.

Kagurabachi Chapter 5 Spoilers shows Shiba interrogation with The Sorcerer

According to the Spoilers, Kagurabachi Chapter 5 will be named as Feast. We have seen Shiba interrogating the unknown sorcerer about the whereabout and location of all stolen enchanted swords.

The Sorcerer then Told Shiba that if he spills any word then both Him and Shiba will be dead as there is some spell casted on the information to be passed and will die immediately.

The Sorcerer also told Shiba to leave that little girl ‘Char’ as she is heavily part of the whole case and can bring chaos.

Kagurabachi Chapter 5 Spoilers shows New Threat

We have seen another Sorcerer found out that the previous guy which was sent to bring ‘Char’ is brought down by some swordsmith and these guys are using another enchanted blade.

Understanding the situation he realizes that there is a seventh enchanted blade which he was not aware of.

By understanding this situation he made a bold move of attacking them directly and told his henchman to make a strong cage which can hold the little girl ‘Char’.

On the other hand, Shiba called Chihiro and told him about the name of the “sorcerers” boss who attacked them in Kagurabachi Chapter 4, Soujou Gennichi. Also he told him that the boss holds a katana known as Kuregumo Katana.

Kagurabachi Chapter 5 Spoilers shows Chihiro vs New Sorcerer

While returning, Chihiro and Char got attacked by a new sorcerer emerging from a Giant Spiral spell.

We have gathered this much information for the upcoming chapter and we will update what comes up when the Chapter 5 officially released.

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Who is the Villian in Kagurabachi Chapter 5?

It looks like the villian name is Soujou Gennichi.

Just a Young Guy who has been watching Anime/Manga from his Childhood and like to read and watch them on daily basis. I keep a track on each characters lifestyle and journey in there respective Manga and thus I thought of sharing the same with those who are Anime/Manga lover just like me!

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