Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 238: Itadori vs Sukuna

Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 238

In Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 238 we saw Sukuna fighting with Hajime Kashimo. We have seen in previous chapters of Jujutsu Kaisen, the perfect body of Sukuna with 4 eyes, 4 hands and 2 mouths. Even if he had to chant a curse while fighting in can do so with his extra mouth and hands without any fail.

The Body which Sukuna got is perfect and after killing Satoru Gojo there is nobody who is superior to rival him. Hajime Kashimo comes second best after Gojo as he got the lightening ability and the skill to transform into lightening beast and to fight at lightening speed.

In this latest chapter we also understood that he possesses greater physique along with the cursed tool known as Supreme Martial Solution and Hiten, Sukuna killed Sun, Moon, Stars Squad and the Five Generals serving the Northern Fujiwara Clan!

We then saw Kashimo fighting with his ultra speed and Sukuna was not even feeling a budge against him as he can match up with his speed or can overpower him. Since he got 4 arms, he was at the advantage, we saw Kashimo getting beaten up in the fist fight with Sukuna and attacked Sukuna with a Charge bolt.

To Defend himself from this Sukuna, we saw Sukuna reciting;

Dragon Scales, Repulsion!

Evade This, Paired Falling Stars!

After reciting this Sukuna Charged with an Attack at Kashimo. Kashimo realised the power of it and said;

This is what finished, Satoru Gojo!

As it cuts the world, with this attack, Kashimo lost one of his hand!

Sukuna then made a statement to Kashimo that;

Sukuna: With You Guy’s, it’s not so much that you didn’t know, You Jus’t Can’t Understand!

Kashimo: What Are You Trying to Say?

Sukuna: You were Strong Right?

After Saying this, Sukuna Started a series of attack;

After getting beaten up by Sukuna so hard, Kashimo went into after place where he is having conversation with Sukuna;

Sukuna: Others Love us for Our Strength, and We Respond to That Love!

Kashimo: Yet Solitude Troubles You. That’s Why I Called You Greedy!

Kashimo: Then are You Satisfied?
If So, Why Divide Your Soul And Cross The Ages as Cursed Objects?

Sukuna: I Understand Love and I Say To You, Love is Worthless!

Continuing to it, Sukuna said that he likes to devour people as it is the perfect way for him to pass time before his death.

Once Sukuna done with Kashimo we saw a Jiant Rock coming from sky towards Sukuna and Sukan say’s:

Sukuna: Here he Comes, Huh!

As if he knows that he is gonna get attacked by Itadori at last. But he was accompanied by 3 other Jujutsu Kaisen Sorcerers.

Sukuna Teases Itadori and said, what a small kid can hope to accomplish here!

And we see Itadori biting his hand as if he still possess a cursed technique similar to Sukuna. If Yes, then the fight between Itadori and Sukuna will be a must watch and it might likely to take more than 1 chapter to complete there fight.

As Itadori is accompanied by Higuruma Hiromi whose domain is Deadly Sentencing, we have also seen Itadori having claws and modified arms as if he has waken up his demon technique similar to Sukuna. We have Yet to see how it unfolded in the coming chapters. But for the coming chapters we have to wait for a while as Jujutsu Kaisen Manga is going for a break next week.

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Reference: Viz

Who is Higuruma Hiromi?

He is a defence attourney which was seen in culling games and can use Deadly Sentencing as Domain Expansion.

What happen to Hajime Kashimo?

Hajime Kashimo is officially dead by the hands of Sukuna in Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 238.

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