Blue Lock Chapter 237 Spoiler: Isagi’s New Formula

Blue Lock Chapter 237 Spoiler

We have brought you Blue Lock Chapter 237 Spoiler so read only if you are ready for this. In the previous chapter of Blue Lock we saw Hiori Yo loosing hope of playing Football and was about to give up but a sudden pressure from Isagi made him ready to shoot one final shot.

In this latest chapter, Both Hiori Yo and Isagi has activated there Meta Vision through which synchronized them to initiate counter attack against Bastard Munchen.

Ikki and Lorenzo tried to stop Hiori, but Hiori was able to get passed from both with a synchronized attack, where he passed the ball to Isagi with a heel flick pass. He then got back the ball from Isagi with a one-two and he started dribbling past the Ubers team.

While he was dribbling, he was making himself comfortable with a thought of leaving football after making this very goal, which he was doing to help Isagi.

Hiori kept dribbling towards the goal while looking for an opportunity to pass the ball towards Isagi. But unfortunately Isagi has attracted a lot of rivals and most of the players has marked Isagi.

Hiori was left confused on what to do as it was Isagi who was supposed to shoot the ball towards the goal since the last shot in previous chapter was missed by Hiori. Then Hiori looked towards Isagi and realized that it was the indication from Isagi for Hiori to make a shot.

At that moment, Hiori remembered Isagi’s advice i.e., do things reflexively.

With this thought, Hiori moved towards the goal dribbling and make his final shot aiming towards Uber Goal.

So far, we have been able to decode where Hiori is dribbling towards the goal and reaches to his final moment of making a goal. That being said, next chapter will be the one where we see the end of this match and there are higher probability that this match will be lost by Uber Team.

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